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Compassion is like a compass, thus why it’s in the name, 

there are so many directions in which you can go about compassion but there will always be that one true north if you will for it.

And that true north is the compassion that we see day to day because it is always there and always will be. 


Ethan Weil - Compass(ion)


A stringless violin can play no songs

For it's been forgotten and its time long gone

For we love and we cry 

We dance and we thrive 

Yet we strive for a song we all hold near. 

For it is that of the heart strings we listen to all along. 


Ethan Weil - Heart Strings


Weightless giants 

        For only the song of wind can move such things 

              A song in which can let roam free. 

                   To change what eyes may see. 


Ethan Weil, - Clouds


Uncharted places.

The things we have yet to discover. 

Searching for centuries to uncover Earth’s secrets.

Some could care less

Others it drives insane. 

But what is one’s sanity is another’s vanity

And for what is sane can simply be mundane 

To a person of wonder 


Ethan Weil - Uncharted Places


The engine rests and all goes quiet.

It is as if time stops and sound becomes irrelevant,

for it is that of the landscape in which steals the attention. 


Ethan Weil - The Sound of Silence 

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